Welcome to Alcoholics Anonymous

Area 60, District 14

Serving AA groups in Southwestern Pennsylvania
(McMurray - Washington - Canonsburg - Prosperity - Carmichaels - Waynesburg)

District Officers

Following our principle of rotation in service, a new set of officers and Coordinatorinators were elected October 2018. They will act as trusted servants for District 14 for two years:

  • DCM: Patrick A, Camel Group
  • Alt DCM: Kaitlin H, Peters 12&12
  • Secretary: Stephanie T, TGIS
  • Treasurer: Shelley S, Washington Discussion ("Grumpy Old Men")
  • Cooperation with the Professional Community - Public Information (CPC-PI) Coordinator: Steve K
  • Corrections Coordinator: Ben P, AA Lit on Main
  • Grapevine Coordinator: Dani M, Hill 12&12
  • Literature Coordinator: Will S, Canonsburg ABSI (email Literature with your requests at district14literature@gmail.com!)
  • Treatment & Accessibilities: Danielle K, Primary Purpose AA

Bridging the Gap

Volunteers are always needed for AA service commitments and events, to help carry the message of recovery to those who are still sick and suffering. Volunteering for an event is a quick and easy way to get into service! Sobriety requirements depend upon the facility, event, or if you're helping to "bridge the gap" and take newcomers to meetings. Talk to our Treatment Coordinator (Danielle K), Corrections Coordinator (Ben P), or any GSR for more info!

Or call 412.296.1349 or email district14BTG@gmail.com


District 14 Meetings

District meetings are held at 6:30 pm on the first WEDNESDAY of each month, upstairs at...

Harmony House Café
47 North Main Street
Washington, PA 15301