Welcome to Alcoholics Anonymous

Area 60, District 14

Serving AA groups in Southwestern Pennsylvania
(McMurray - Washington - Canonsburg - Prosperity - Carmichaels - Waynesburg)


"While AA is not affiliated with any form of alcoholism treatment, AA Treatment committees are essential in carrying the AA message into treatment settings where the suffering alcoholic may be introduced to AA for the first time. According to the AA 2014 Membership Survey, 74% of our members cited treatment or counseling as an important part of their journey to AA The local Bridging the Gap program, or BTG, connects the new member being discharged from a facility to AA in their community. Clients can request contacts through the AA Temporary Contact/Bridging the Gap Request form. AA members can serve as AA Temporary Contact/Bridging the Gap Volunteers." (from this page)

Contact the District 14 Treatment Coordinator for more information on local opportunities for service.


Attendance & Participation Policy

  • Former treatment facility employees should not be speakers.

  • Speakers must have no less than six (6) months sobriety.
    It is the GSR's responsibility to confirm time in sobriety.

  • Socializing (13th Step) with patients will not be tolerated.

  • Due to confidentiality issues and space available, admission to the meetings is limited to the chairperson and the speaker.
    Exceptions may only be granted with prior approval of Treatment facility. No exceptions.

  • Chairperson and speaker may enter the facility not more than 30 minutes prior to the meeting to set up.

  • If, for any reason, the responsible group cannot fulfill their commitment, please contact the
    Treatment Coordinator and the Treatment Facility as soon as possible.

Greenbriar Washington Treatment Schedule

800 Manor Drive, Washington, PA 15301
 (800) 637-4673




Greenbriar Waynesburg Treatment Schedule 

350 Bonar Avenue, Waynesburg, PA 15370 


Get Into Service!

Volunteers are always needed for AA service commitments and events, to help carry the message of recovery to those who are still sick and suffering. Volunteering for an event is a quick and easy way to get into service! Sobriety requirements depend upon the facility, event, or if you're helping to "bridge the gap" and take newcomers to meetings. Talk to our Treatment Coordinator, Corrections Coordinator, or any GSR for more info!

Or call 412.296.1349 or email d14dcm.area60@gmail.com